I love Wrigley Field but they way they number the seats has always driven me crazy. 

NBCChicago - The new numbering system will utilize sections instead of “aisles,” and will lead to some big changes to the numbers that will appear on the tickets in the future.

“Transitioning to a conventional ‘Section/Row/Seat’ configuration, common in most sports venues, will help alleviate confusion created by our current ‘Aisle/Row/Seat’ configuration while renumbering our upper level sections will more accurately reflect the amazing view and value of these seats,” the Cubs said in a statement.

There might be some confusion on this so I'll try to draw some pictures. Please be kind. I have zero artistic talent.

This is how they used to number the seats.

Old System

If you had seats in "Aisle 211" you could have been in either of those two sections. This became confusing when you bought 4 tickets together that were in two different "Aisles."

In the example above Aisle 210 Seat 120 is right next to Aisle 211 Seat 1. That intuitively doesn't make sense.

Here's what they're changing to.

New System

This is probably what you're used to. If you have tickets in Section 210 Seats 20 and 21, they'll be together.

I do see the benefit of the old system in that with the aisle system you always walked up the staircase that was closest to your seat. Now, you might have to scoot past a whole row of people if you enter the section from the wrong side. But that's a fair trade for a numbering system that finally makes sense.

The new system goes into effect Opening Day so make sure you've studied the above images so you're ready for the culture shock next April.

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