See that guy in the photo above? His name is Zydrunas Savickas, and he's the world's strongest man, according to the folks who know these things, The Guinness Book of World Records.

Zydrunas doesn't just lift the kind of weights you might find at your local work-out facility. If it's heavy, and I mean really, really heavy, chances are he's carried, dragged, pushed, or pulled it around. The multiple-time World Strongest Man title holder owns the record for the most-cars-pulled-by-one-man (12 Nissan Notes, weighing 28,530 pounds, for 5 meters), he's thrown a 50 pound medicine ball over 17 feet in the air, hoisted a 500 pound truck axle and a giant log, along with a plethora of other large, heavy objects.

For a rundown of his lifting accomplishments, click here.

I've gotta believe, after watching his recent appearance on Italian television's Guinness World Records show, that Zydrunas and his friend, Game of Thrones actor and strongman Thor Bjornsson, could make a fortune as furniture movers. Got a refrigerator that needs to be moved 20 meters in a big hurry? How about two?