RFD Keeps Setting Records
In 2019, The Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) was named in the top 20 for busiest cargo airports in July, then named as the fastest-growing cargo airport in the world in September.
Comparing a Year of Rockford Weather With a Few Days of Houston's Weather
It's hard to put into words what we're witnessing happen to Houston, Texas. It's even harder to fathom that things are still getting worse down there, with experts opining that we haven't seen the worst of the storm yet. We've had extensive flooding here in the Rockford area (along with a big part of northern Illinois) this summer, but nothing comes close to comparing with Hurricane Harvey's wrath
Let's Take a Look at Some Rockford Weather Records
This morning, on the WROK Morning Show, Joe and I were discussing the latest news out of the western part of the US--in particular, the incredibly heavy snowfalls being experienced by Colorado, Idaho, and other neighboring states. Hundreds of roofs have collapsed, with hundreds more in danger of collapse. That discussion led us to Rockford's winter of 1979.

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