In a case echoing the infamous McDonald's coffee lawsuit from two decades ago, a New Jersey woman has been awarded more than $500,000 after spilling hot Dunkin' Donuts coffee on herself.

According to, Maria Marsala settled for $522,000 before the case was scheduled to go to trial this month:

According to the lawsuit filled in Middlesex County Superior Court, Marsala fell when she was walking back to her car after she bought  multiple coffees inside the Raritan Avenue business at about 7:30 a.m. Jan. 19, 2012.

Marsala tripped over an exposed spike from a dislodged curb stop, causing her to spill the hot coffee on her face and neck. She also had cuts to her right hand and right knee.

It does seem like some negligence might have been a factor in this case. You don't expect to encounter an exposed spike in a parking lot while carrying hot coffee. Marsala's attorney told MyCentalJersey that she will suffer from years of debilitating injuries. And I certainly wouldn't want to replicate her experience of spilling hot coffee on my face.

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