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Woman Spills Coffee On Herself, Gets $522K
In a case echoing the infamous McDonald's coffee lawsuit from two decades ago, a New Jersey woman has been awarded more than $500,000 after spilling hot Dunkin' Donuts coffee on herself. According to, Maria Marsala settled for $522,000 before the case was scheduled to go to trial this month: According to the lawsuit filled in Middlesex County Superior Court, Marsala fell when s
There’s Bears in the Pool, Mom!
Having experienced the "travelling bear phenomenon" last summer here in northern Illinois, we're familiar with folks finding a bear or two in their backyards (or at their garage door, bird feeder, patio, etc.). The best part of this video (to me, anyway), from Rockaway, New Jersey, is the running commentary by a kid who is none-too-thrilled that a family of bears is availing themselves o