The winter temperatures in the Northern Midwest are known to get absurd. Your vehicle may read 20 degrees but if that wind chill is hanging around it can feel like subzero temperatures with little effort.

Oftentimes the temperature in Wisconsin is just ridiculous, cold enough to cut glass if you know what I'm saying.

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That temperature does not seem too terrible (it is, though) but it was much colder earlier this week. To prove it a local Wausau, Wisconsin TV meteorologist conducted a little experiment that cause the attention of local police.

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 Wait, wait, wait? - Wisconsin Rapids Police Department

The meteorologist is Mark Holley of WSAW-TV. He wanted to try a scientific experiment that involved food, a drink, and incredibly cold temperatures.

Before putting the objects to the test, Holley claims to have done some research to find the most popular "cop food."

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Let's assume his extensive research is just him being funny because we all know the long-running joke about police and donuts.

"Donut worry about a thing, Wisconsin Rapids Police Department." he posted on Facebook.

The Experiment

Holley got his weather-forecasting fingers on a freshly made glazed donut and a cup of hot coffee outside as well when the outdoor temperature was 16 degrees below 0.

Wisconsin Rapids Police Department saw the Facebook post and responded perfectly.

Wait, wait, wait? You. Left. A. Donut. Outside. To FREEZE?! *Deep breathing to calm self* We’ll let that go since you ate it afterwards, but whoa, we can only imagine how that little donut thought she was abandoned in the cold.

What happened? Did they freeze?!

Yes, and it didn't take as long as I would have guessed.

The glazed donut was frozen within 15 minutes, the hot coffee took a little longer at 25 minutes.

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