Sure, a baby sling might be a great idea in theory. It helps when a parent has things to do and the baby won't play along.

Sometimes it's better to just leave those tasks unfinished.

That's the warning that Wisconsin new mom Molly Landis said when she shared a scary post on her Facebook just last week.

According to her Facebook post, Landis was burned on her chest, neck and face due to a "stove burner" explosion.

It looks like Landis will be OK but she reminded everyone that if she was wearing her child carrier, her four-month-old daughter would have been burned instead of her.

Thankfully Landis' new baby was sound asleep. As a parent of three kids who all were varying degrees of needy as a newborn, a baby carrier allow me to multitask all while "holding" on to the baby.

The scary reality is that an accident like this could happen to any parent wearing a baby sling, it's certainly not worth the risk.

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