Wisconsin-produced food has been in the news lately. First, we get the flap about Wisconsinites not being able to buy Ireland-produced KerryGold Butter at their local stores. Now, in an effort to placate their large bovine population, Wisconsin lawmakers are doing something you'd have thought they would have done years ago.

Quick quiz:

What animal is Wisconsin's official state domestic animal? The Cow.

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What is Wisconsin's official state drink? Milk.

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What is Wisconsin's official state dairy product? Um...they don't have one.

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At least they don't have one at the moment. That appears to be about to change as Wisconsin's state Assembly is set to take up a bill next week that would make cheese Wisconsin's official dairy product.

Really? In 2017 you're finally getting around to honoring cheese? How long have Packers fans been wearing those cheese-wedge hats? You didn't notice?

A pair of bills that would make Wisconsin cheese the official state dairy product is another step closer to becoming law. Prompted by fourth grade students from Mineral Point Elementary School, Assembly Bill 73 and Senate Bill 44 have each been approved by the Assembly Agriculture Committee and the Senate Committee on Government Operations during a joint hearing at the State Capitol on Thursday. In 2004, a group of fourth graders from Kenosha County convinced the Legislature and then-Gov. Jim Doyle to make cranberries the state's official fruit.


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