Wisconsin Makes Long Overdue Move, Cows Celebrate
Wisconsin-produced food has been in the news lately. First, we get the flap about Wisconsinites not being able to buy Ireland-produced KerryGold Butter at their local stores. Now, in an effort to placate their large bovine population, Wisconsin lawmakers are doing something you'd have thought t…
Think Fishing is Boring? Use a Drone!
In the interests of full disclosure, I have been fishing a total of 3 times. Once, when I was a kid, I badgered my dad into taking me out fishing. We caught, together, a grand total of zero fish, but at least it rained all day, and we got a flat tire coming home.
Which Animal Is Most Likely To Kill You This Summer?
After reports of twin shark attacks off the shore of North Carolina, some are asking the Jaws-esque question, "Is it safe to go into the water?"
Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post crunched the numbers and says...yes, it is, at least compared to other potentially deadly animals:
If w…
Until the Cows Come Home
I guess I'm on kind of an "animal roll."
Yesterday, we took a look at the woman who trained her pet mouse to ring the doorbell when it wanted in.
Today, we continue with...bovines.
When I was a kid, my next door neighbor, John, played the trombone in the school band...