The first day of an NFL training camp is a lot like the first day of school. You're back with your friends. A lot of them are literally staying in dormitory-type housing. And possibly most importantly, you want to make a good first impression on everyone as you walk into camp.

Some guys make sure they have their car cleaned up and looking good while pulling into training camp. Others like to show off a massive television set that they brought to set up in their temporary dorm rooms.

And then you have players like Aaron Rodgers that show up to training camp cosplaying as Nic Cage in Con Air.

Look at this!

The two-time defending league MVP did a fantastic job of recreating the slo-mo GIF of Cage that you've probably seen about 1,000 times on the internet.

This one:


I'll be the first to admit that the internet, and Twitter especially, is the root of a lot of the problems we currently face in society, but it was excellent seeing everyone make the same joke for about 3 hours on Tuesday afternoon.

I'm pretty sure if you didn't make some sort of Aaron Rodgers/Nic Cage joke, your Twitter profile was suspended for a couple hours.

There were some people that actually had a few original jokes. Here are some of my favorites.

A Jared Leto Comp

If anyone on the Packers needs drugs, Aaron could be the guy:

Some divorce jokes were made after his recent split with Shalenne (sp?) Woodley

A few more child support barbs:

And finally, brining it all back to his predecessor, Favre:

Well, that was my one day of making fun of Aaron Rodgers for the year. I'm a Bear fan and have learned that any criticism towards Rodgers is returned 10-fold against the Bears in the regular season. This Bears team will be bad enough, we don't need any extra bad juju floating around the team.

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