It began when a cow made a break for freedom. The result was a chase down an interstate where a bovine had to be lassoed by cowboys that chased her down. The whole episode was captured on video by someone in a helicopter.

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I saw this trending on Digg. It's the moment when Bessie decided to go rogue. Unfortunately, her path to freedom was down a busy interstate. The ensuing chase became an internet sensation...for a day.

First observation: never underestimate the talents of a cowboy who can handle his lasso. You think it's easy to rope a fleeing cow while also navigating down a highway? You should try it sometime. Actually, don't try it. Ever.

Second observation: did you notice how the cow decided it was a showdown when she reached the intersection? For a second, I thought she was gonna attempt to charge the horse. Bovine fury.

All's well that ends well (except for the cow, sorry). Thanks to some quick roping by the cowboys, no vehicles or people were harmed. Considering how many vehicles travel down that interstate every day, that's no small miracle.

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