If, like me, you basically thought a cow is a cow--meet Martha. She's a Wisconsin Jersey cow, and she's something only a handful of cows in the world can claim to be.

Martha is "perfect."

Musqie Iatola Martha, a 6-year-old Jersey cow owned by MilkSource Genetics in Kaukauna, was rated last week as EX-97, the highest rating given to a bovine by the American Jersey Cattle Association. Martha is the youngest cow and the seventh of her breed to receive the designation. "She's considered the best in the world," Jim Ostrom, a partner at MilkSource Genetics, told WLUK-TV.

How perfect is perfect, and what exactly does that mean? Here's the explanation from Fox11 Online:

"It is how she looks! It's a beauty contest for cows," explained Ostrom.

Judges say Martha has a perfect udder system, legs and, like any good model, bone structure.

And she has that star power, that je ne sais quoi, that it factor, to back up her looks.

"She almost screams, 'look at me!' And so the judges always remark how she's so powerful in the ring," Ostrom described.

Ostrom told FOX 11 besides being the best of the best, Martha is a pleasure to have around.

"It's pretty exciting to have her here in this barn and here in Northeast Wisconsin," he said.

Here is my favorite quote about Martha, Wisconsin's Perfect Jersey Cow, from Jim Ostrum:

"Honestly, this might sound strange to so many people, but 30 or 40 years from now we'll still be talking about her," he said.

Now, for those of you thinking to yourselves "Wow, I just have to have a Jersey cow! I wonder if they would make a good pet..."

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