We are looking for some help deciding where to go this Friday night for our weekly Friday Night Lights high school football broadcast.

Which NIC-10 school wants the spotlight on them this weekend? Vote in the poll below to get us to cover your school's football game this Friday night. We'll interview your Athletic Director for our pregame show. Want to have one of your favorite teachers call the game with us for a quarter? We can do that. You can pick all of our bumper music, we'll play your fight song after every break if you want. Let us know what you want to do, and if the FCC allows it, we'll probably do it.

The Friday night slate for NIC-10 football looks like this:

  • Belvidere (1-6) at Harlem (6-1)
  • Guilford (3-4) at Belvidere North (5-2)
  • Freeport (3-4) at Boylan (4-3)
  • Hononegah (7-0) at Auburn (3-4)
  • Jefferson (0-7) at East (4-3)

We'll highlight your concession stand, does your school sell something unique? You'll be the central focus for our halftime update. It will be your home broadcast.

Voting will begin at noon on Monday, October 11th and close at midnight Wednesday, October 13th. Riley and I will announce what school we'll be going to at the end of Thursday’s show.

If this interests you as a fan of a NIC-10 school, start brainstorming what you want to do and share this poll like crazy. We just want to go where the fans want us most.

Vote early and get the word out! We're looking forward to inviting you to our airwaves.

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