Do you have a secret spot that you'd like to share?

Reddit user Andre504 posted this question in the Rockford subreddit over the weekend.

Im from the Deep South & semi new to Rockford (I live here now and will for the foreseeable future) and would like to start fishing. What are some good spots? What kind of bait is best, most importantly are the fish here edible? (I mean that genuinely and with all due respect there’s a LOT of places where I’m from in New Orleans you can’t eat anything you catch) I’d be fishing from a bank so no boat spots needed (but will he kept in mind for the future) thanks for reading, hope to hear from you.

Some of the replies included Pierce and Olson Lake, Sugar River, and Oak Ridge Forest Preserve.

I'm not a fisherman at all so I have no idea where the best place is to drop a lure.

Where have you gotten lucky in the area? Our friend from the deep south would like to know.

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