The Cubs and Cardinals will make the historic trip during the 2020 season.

Major League Baseball has been sending teams around the world the past few years to help spread the game. They played a game in Japan earlier this season, the Yankees and Red Sox will be playing in London later this season as well.

Tribune reporter Mark Gonzalez asked the team about the possibility of playing overseas earlier this year before baseball announced who would be making the trip and most of the guys were pretty excited about it.

“It would be awesome, a cool trip to go over there,” slugger Kris Bryant said. “I hope it’s us.”


“I’ve never been over there,” reliever Brad Brach said. “Anytime you get to do something you love and do it in a different city, different country is an awesome experience.”

It looks like the team is pretty pumped about the idea. Hopefully, the weather cooperates. It would be pretty funny if they traveled all that way to just sit through some rainouts.

MLB isn't expected to release the dates until later this year.

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