It can be tough being a White Sox fan. 

Sure tickets to a game are cheap and easy to come by. Some (myself included) would argue that they play in one of the best stadiums in the city. The food itself elevates it above most stadiums in Chicago. They're the only sports stadium that I've ever seen sell elotes.

There are some downsides though. You don't get the national respect that the Cubs do. That's just a fact. Is it right? Some would say yes since the White Sox haven't been exactly exciting the past couple of years. But the national media seems to forget even their winning seasons. Look at this screencap from ESPN from after the Cubs won the World Series.

They just totally omitted the 2005 World Series team. That's pretty disrespectful.

Then you had what happened on Wheel of Fortune last night. They list 4 Chicago sports teams and once again the White Sox just aren't there. The team's official Twitter account did have some fun with it.

My advice to Sox fans is to just enjoy the anonymity and appreciate the affordable access you have to your team. The other advice is to not take these frustrations out on Cub fans. Sure there's a pocket of fans who couldn't name more than 2 players and treat Wrigley as a big party but the majority of Cub fans are pretty decent people.

The Sox are getting better and another title could be in their near future. Hopefully, people will remember the next one.

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