This week's episode is about the importance of sports training amid a pandemic. 

So we're breaking with tradition a little bit this week on What's Up, Doc? Tim Bailey isn't technically a doctor, but he does have a firm grasp on the well-being of young athletes.

Tim is the manager of MercyHealth's Top Performers, a program that helps young athletes reach their full athletic potential.

Tim has some pretty good credentials. He was a 1992 graduate of Boylan High School. We spent some time reminiscing about his high school football days. I fully apologize to Tim for bringing up Boylan's loss to Mt. Carmel in the state playoffs that year. His claim that Mr. Carmel was stacked that year with players like Simeon Rice and Donovan McNabb sounds like it will hold up under scrutiny. Tim also played under current Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly while at Grand Valley State. (I did not hold that against him.)

Some of the athletes that have passed through the Top Performers program include.

  • Fred VanVleet - Currently playing for the Raptors and recently made NBA history.
  • Dean Lowry - Currently playing for the Green Bay Packers
  • James Robinson - Currently playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Jake Smolinski - Played in the MLB and is currently playing overseas

Tim's program at MercyHealth focuses not just on their athletic performance but also makes sure that their athletes know what's expected of them and perform well in the classroom. It's an all-encompassing program.

The Top Performers isn't just for kids either. Tim helps adults that just want to improve their health and feel better as they get older. It's a program that everyone should check out.


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