For Halloween 2016, you should probably expect a few Captain Americas, Iron Men, Game of Thrones characters, along with some Trumps and Hillarys showing up at your door demanding treats. If you're old enough, can you recall what characters and creatures were ringing your doorbell back in 1982?

By 1982, I was done with the trick-or-treat aspect of Halloween. Of course, at 19 years of age, it would have been a bit strange if I was still doing it, now wouldn't it? My memories of being in costume at Halloween stretch back to the late 60s and early 70s, when I would argue with my mom that "Spider-Man doesn't wear a coat!" on cold Halloween nights. Turns out, he didn't wear a coat because he didn't live in our house. I did live in our house, so there you go. Put on the damn coat.

But I digress. The reason I asked you about 1982 is because alert listener Kevin, after hearing Joe Dredge and I discussing this year's trendy costumes, sent me a link to a WTVO Channel 17 newscast from 1982. The late, great Bruce Richardson was the news anchor, and the subject at hand was the hottest selling Halloween costumes in Rockford for Halloween 1982:

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