The TV you see pictured looks a lot like the one my parents had while I was growing up, except ours wasn't quite as "flashy" as this one. Vertical roll, horizontal roll, bad sound, and no remote control. Well, to be fair, my dad did have a remote control. If he wanted the channel changed, or the volume raised and/or lowered, he'd bellow: "Riley! Change the channel!" or "Riley! Turn that down!" And, I would.

I mentioned last week in this space that I would looking to find some different photos and videos of Rockford's past to feature on "Throwback Thursday." Last week, I posted some cool time-lapse video of a crew setting up a dinosaur display 5 years ago at Cherryvale Mall.

Today, we head back in time to 1978, when the weather around here was starting to turn pleasant.

Bob Kevern, WTVO Channel 17's popular longtime weatherman, takes a look at local folks out at Sinnissippi Gardens enjoying the beautiful day.

See if you recognize anyone:

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