For many of us, it starts on Sunday night. The sudden realization that, if you're lucky, you have a job to go to on Monday morning. Although most of us are grateful to be gainfully employed, the "back to the old routine" thing on Sunday night is somewhat of a buzzkill.

Add to that, you are more likely to have a heart attack on a Monday Morning than at any other time of the week (seriously, read this).

Also, at this time of year, Cubs and Sox fans have pretty much put a fork in their respective teams, and there's no Monday Night Football yet.

So, what's my point? We need a shot in the arm! Something to cheer us up on a Monday.

First, check this out. You may not like Mondays, but you'll like some of the things people have done to show that the world is not such a bad place (hat tip to Buzzfeed).

Secondly, how about a look at some people doing awesome things? They probably weren't all done on a Monday, but we can pretend...just for today.


May the rest of your week be tolerable or better.

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