A story about a man headed to a funeral and his broken down vehicle show just how far some will go to help others.

The story posted on Facebook yesterday morning by Todd Steinkamp explains his plight.

Steinkamp explains that he was on his way to a funeral in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

While on the road he heard something going on with his left front tire. After driving a bit further, Steinkamp decided to get the tire checked out.

That's when Steinkamp ran into a 74-year-old man named Glenn who is a mechanic at a local auto repair shop in the small town of Wild Rose, Wisconsin.

After finding out that the repairs to Steinkamp's vehicle would force him to miss the funeral, Glenn saved the day.

According to Steinkamp's Facebook post, "I asked if there was a place to rent a car at and being a small town of 725 people, there was nothing. I must have looked pretty stressed out at this time because Glenn then reached into his pocket, pulled out the keys to HIS own vehicle and said 'Take my truck. Fill it up with gas, don't turn on the emergency lights and get going.' 'She'll do 120mph if you need it to' with a smile on his face. He was giving his own keys to a stranger that he met just TEN MINUTES before this."

Steinkamp took him up on the offer and drove the truck from Wild Rose to Green Bay just in time for the funeral with "tools and split wood in the back."

He returned the truck later that day to Glenn where he shared a lesson with Steinkamp saying "just be kind and help if you can."

Not to soapbox, but if the world was filled with just a few more Glenn's it would be a better place.


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