A video that's been making the rounds on Reddit is getting some major attention after a trucker blocked traffic to help a stranded motorcyclist.

The video posted to YouTube by JBG Travels picks up with a truck at complete stop on an extremely busy and often times, dangerous Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago.

In front of the truck is a woman on a motorcycle that appears to be broken down. Since the Dan Ryan is so busy the truck driver does the only thing he can, and slowly drifts his truck to the right to shield the motorcyclist off the road to safety.

The truck driver manages to guide the motorcyclist to the side of the Dan Ryan before straightening out and getting back on the road.

After the trucker got the motorcyclist to safety, you'll notice that she isn't quite as safe as it would seem. Why? Because there isn't a shoulder on the side of the Dan Ryan Expressway.

As a Chicagoan I am, first, shocked that this kind of generosity actually happened on the Dan Ryan and second, fairly certain the trucker isn't from Chicago.

Lastly, I'll bet you everyone behind that truck was super upset, until they drove around and noticed what the trucker was doing.

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