The day after the Super Bowl is one of the worst days to be at work... so maybe it should be a National holiday?

According to Chicago based Kraft Heinz, that's exactly what should happen.

Earlier this week, Kraft Heinz decided that instead of spending millions of dollars on a Super Bowl advertising campaign, they would start some free buzz on the Internet by giving their employees 'Smunday' off of work.

Of course, I love this word mash-up, 'Smunday' stands for Sunday-Monday, but it can just as easily be considered Super Bowl Monday.

Their subtle advertising tactic seems to be working. News outlets all over the country are spreading the news about 'Smunday' and Kraft Heinz is working to actually get this day to become a National holiday.

Kraft Heinz is asking everyone to sign a petition to make 'Smunday' a real thing, and if that petition reaches 100,000 signatures, they will present it to Congress.

Statistically, the day after the Super Bowl is the most common day for people to call off of work, so it makes sense for Kraft Heinz to initialize this idea.

Of course, there is backlash on this proposal, mostly on Reddit where some people are saying that Kraft Heinz isn't adding a new holiday to their list, but instead swapping a previous holiday for this one, and others leaving comments like this, "My employer is also not advertising at the Super Bowl this year, I wonder if we get it off too."

I love ketchup and Mondays that I don't have to do to work, so I'm totally signing this petition. Maybe it'll happen for all of us!

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