In Rockford does it mean anything when you see a plastic grocery bag hanging in a tree?


I have talked about it a couple of times here in my stories. When it is nice outside, I enjoy throwing on some headphones, cranking the tunes, and taking a walk in my neighborhood.

It is nice to get out for some fresh air and exercise. I also like to play my own little version of "I Spy." I watch out for interesting and unusual things on my hikes.

Most days I see something. If it is good, I like to share it with you. It has been a few days since my last discovery so I was excited about my find this afternoon.

What Did I See

I witnessed a plastic grocery bag hanging in a tree.

Here is a closer look at the photo.

Photo by Double T
Photo by Double T

What Does It Mean

I immediately took and picture and my strange brain went to work. I do not think like a normal person. It creates hypothetical situations and imaginary scenarios if I do not know the answer.

The question is "Does a plastic grocery bag hanging in a tree in Rockford have any significance?


I hit the great Google machine and pretty much came up empty-handed. I did find a couple of message boards hosting people who had some thoughts on the situation.

It was nothing official, so I can not count them as credible. There were a couple of ideas that I can share but remember they are just ideas from random people and there is no evidence to back them up.

Here they are...

  • Landmark for a dog thief so they know where to come back for your pet.
  • The symbol for a dogfighting site.
  • Headquarters of a Meth dealer.
  • Protecting the tree from bugs.

Sorry, those all really seem far-fetched. I am going to just remove all those answers from the equation.


Maybe, we can get some inspiration from the bag in action while caught in the tree. Here is a video of a different bag stuck in another tree.

Video: Plastic Bag in Tree

I've Got Nothing

I have to apologize but I have nothing. I was not able to find an answer on the internet.

My Thoughts

Since there is no scientific reasoning or logical answer, I am going to have to lean on my own mind.

In my opinion, the bag in the tree is a result of a litterbug in Rockford. They simply threw the bag on the ground. Then, the wind carried it up into the tree. There it got stuck.

Littering is such a pet peeve of mine. People just do not care. They just expect someone else to pick up after them.

Simple Answer

When I first started this little exercise, I expected much more. I am sorry, there is not more to the story. Instead of just an inconsiderate resident.

Maybe, seeing how ridiculous this whole thing became, the next time that person will not throw the bag on the ground and actually put it in the trash.

Video: David Crosby Steals Apple Pie


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