An alderman is saying it, so it must be true. 

You might have some large limbs or trees strewn about your yard these days. Is the city responsible for any of it? The answer is yes, sometimes.

It basically breaks down to where the tree or limb originated. If it was what Chad Tuneberg described as a "right of way". NOTE: I've always referred to this as the parking, but I feel that might be because my dad grew up in the far west burbs and they at times call things differently.END NOTE. then the city will come by and get it. If it originated from your property, you've just won some responsibility.

Don't try to fool them either, they know what you're trying to do.

Chad Tuneberg, the 3rd District Alderman, joins the show to break it all down considerably better than I did above.

Chad also talks about the City Market comeback last weekend and other city stuff.


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