Why am I talking about a Christmas tree in January?

It seems as if the holidays were months away. You have probably forgotten about your Christmas tree now that it is all packed away or has been dragged to the curb.

Ornaments on a Christmas tree
amanaimagesRF, ThinkStock

But what happens to Christmas trees? I'm not talking about any old Christmas tree, I'm talking about the behemoth tree that graced downtown Rockford this holiday season.

Turns out, according to WREX, the tree will be re-purposed into a custom wood table.

Mulvain Woodworks in Durand have cut the 50-foot tree into slabs of wood. The pieces were then loaded into a kiln to draw the moisture out of the wood. Later, it will be sanded, edged and assembled into a beautiful table.

You have a chance to own this one of a kind table too! It will be in an auction March 18, organized by the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.



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