We've all been there at least once. Out with the significant other, family, or friends to have a bite. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but then...

Okay, maybe you don't have issues with snails and grilled cheese sandwiches, but a lot of us do have at least some issues when we dine out, according to a new survey by Consumer Reports.

What's peeving us?

  • 76% of us are turned off by a dirty table or utensils.
  • 73% really have a problem with dirty or under-equipped restrooms.
  • 72% don't like impolite or condescending servers.
  • 67% feel the same way about unkempt or hygienically challenged (smelly) servers.
  • 66% get irritated by food or drink served at the "incorrect" temperature.

Toward the bottom of the list:

  • 17% are put off by server confusion over who gets which meal.
  • 16% say too much nutritional info is a turnoff for eating.
  • 14% want more nutritional data, and are angry if it's not available.


Not surprisingly, 100% of people would NOT want these two making them a salad:

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