We received 3 separate calls during Monday morning's show asking why everyone was excited about the stack of cups at the Cubs game Sunday night, so I figured we could talk about the recent history of cupsnakes at Wrigley Field. 

This specific rivalry between the Wrigley bleacher bums and the Cubs goes back to only 2019. Cupsnakes have been a thing at Wrigley long before that. This is from 1969

Yes, your dad and/or grandpa were probably building beer snakes. The only thing different these days is that it seems like it's a co-ed activity, back then only the men could do stupid stuff in public I guess.

Wrigley is not the only place that does cupsnakes by far. It's big in rugby circles, and if you go to a college football game that sells beer, you're probably going to find them.

SEC Network
SEC Network

But the battle between the Cubs and cupsnakes escalated during the 2019 season when Barstool sports got involved.

It was starting to become a "thing" at Wrigley that summer to build longer and longer cupsnakes. It was starting to get a little out of control and security was cracking down hard on them. Snatching them away from the crowd whenever one grew more than 3 cups.

I honestly see where both sides are coming from. It's borderline dangerous, I can easily see people falling down trying to interact with it. Then again, it's the bleachers at Wrigley, it's supposed to be a little dangerous. Do this in the box seats or the upper deck? No way. The bleachers is fine.

Barstool then made some shirts antagonizing the Cubs. There was a little back and forth, and then the whole thing kind of died out when everything shut down due to COVID.

Then they re-opened Wrigley and it only took 3 games for the bleacher creatures to construct one of the biggest snakes the Federal Landmark has ever seen. The best estimate of how much that beer snake cost is around $43,000. That's estimating a 150-foot snake at $12 a beer. A good start to extending the core.

So are the Cubs relaxing their 'no cupsnake" rule? It's unclear but probably not. Crane Kenny was on the radio today and addressed it.

Cubs don't play at Wrigley again until next weekend, we'll have to wait and see.

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