Halloween is coming up soon, and rather than hit the "temporary" haunted places that pop up every year to celebrate the season, let's take a look at some supposedly "actual" haunted spots here in the Land of Lincoln.

From Haunted Places comes a look at the 50 Most Haunted Places in Illinois, including some of these local area gems:


Coronado Theater, Rockford

One night, police were called about a ghostly woman in white who appeared in an elevator at a parking garage. Earlier, witnesses had been confused as to why the elevator kept going up and down with no one inside it. But when the white figure showed up in the glass elevator, located just outside Coronado Theatre, people realized the figure resembled the ghostly woman in white who has also been seen at the Coronado. Later, authorities said the elevator was being tested remotely by a contracting company.


Faust Hotel/Landmark, Rockford

This old hotel was reportedly remodeled into housing for seniors. The basement used to hold a bar and bowling alley, but it hasn’t been used since the 1980s. An eerie presence can be felt here, as well as sudden temperature changes and an overwhelming urge to leave the area. The same presence is sometimes felt in the kitchen area and on the 11th floor, which once was the site of the hotel’s ballroom.


Tinker Swiss Cottage, Rockford

Tinker Swiss Cottage is said to be haunted. Witnesses and paranormalists have heard humming and other children’s voices, believed to be because the site used to be a home for terminally ill children. The spirits of the Tinker family are believed to linger in the place as well. Tinker Swiss Cottage has been featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters.


Rockford University, Rockford

Several campus structures seem to be inhabited by haunts. Adams’ Arch, the only part left of the original campus, rings with the laughter of young women late at night. The Burpee Building and Talcott Hall are each said to be haunted by men who committed suicide. The Clark Arts Center is visited by the ghost of the man who designed the building; he likes to flicker the lights and play piano music, among other tricks. In McGaw Hall lives the spirit of a girl who died in a bathtub during an epileptic seizure. Witnesses in the showers there have heard a girl singing and a man’s garbled voice, and in other parts of the hall have experienced moving objects.


Blood's Point Cemetery, Belvidere

Blood’s Point Cemetery, named after the area’s first white settle, Arthur Blood, is said to be a hot spot for the eerie, such as orbs, a vanishing barn, phantom vehicles and a ghost dog that sports glowing red eyes. To add to the spookiness, the nearby railroad bridge was said to be the setting for a school bus accident as well as several hangings. Electrical anomalies and ghostly children’s laughter have been reported here.


Conover Square, Oregon

Conover Square is a former piano factory, now a shopping mall. Built in the 1890’s, it is now the home of many haunted happenings. A little girl’s spirit giggles in the hallways & museum, loud crashes boom from the unoccupied third floor, and more than one female visitor has felt an unwelcome touch in the basement! Many guests report the presence of a man in the south hallway, and sometimes his laughter can be heard there. Public areas (including the museum) and stores are open every day except for holidays. Ghost hunts are available by appointment.

The full list of Illinois' spooky spots can be found here.


As far as the most haunted place in all of Illinois, the SyFy Channel says the winner is Alton, Illinois:






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