By Al Zipsie

After week four in the NIC-10, two teams in Auburn and Hononegah remain unbeaten at 4-0 and tied for first place.

If Boylan and Belvidere North could have beat those two teams you could have had a four-way tie for first at 3-12. Instead, Auburn and Hononegah are pulling away from the pack. After the two teams at the top. Five teams are now tied at 2-2.

Auburn snuck by Belvidere North 15-8. It was a weird night for Auburn. The Sophomore team had to be pried free from a locker room that they were shut in. A third bus caught fire, it was carrying half the varsity team. And then North scored on the first drive of the game to lead 8-0. However, the Knights overcame the adversity to stay unbeaten.

Hononegah stayed unblemished as they turned back Boylan 28-17. Guilford got their second straight win whipping Freeport 56-20 at the Pretzel Bowl. In a game of two teams looking for their first win, it was Belvidere who outscored Jefferson 43-40. East snapped a 15-year losing streak by beating Harlem 42-7. East gained 400 yards rushing.

NIC-10 Standings.

Auburn. 4-0.

Hononegah. 4-0.

Belvidere North. 2-2.

Harlem. 2-2.

Boylan. 2-2.

East. 2-2.

Guilford. 2-2.

Freeport. 1-3.

Belvidere. 1-3.

Jefferson. 0-4.

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