The photo above shows a rainbow in the sky above the Isle of Mull, the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides (after Skye), off the west coast of Scotland. Looks pretty nice, doesn't it?

Don't let the photo fool you. The Isle of Mull, along with the rest of Scotland, is getting slammed by 70-80 mph winds (with gusts above 90) courtesy of Storm Henry. Travel advisories are out all over Scotland, warning against going out into the storm, and schools are closed to keep the kids out of harm's way.

Despite the danger posed by Henry, the storm has produced a very interesting side effect. Henry's winds have forced some of the Isle's waterfalls to blow backwards.

According to the BBC:

DRAMATIC footage of waterfalls being blown upwards by winds of up to 90mph has been captured on the Isle of Mull. The video was taken by Reuben O’Connell, who works for Isle of Mull Cottages during his visit to one of the company’s buildings.

Storm Henry is the most recent storm to assault communities in Scotland, following the efforts of Storm Frank and Gertrude over the last few weeks.The 35-year-old said that it was “not unusual” to see this kind of weather in the area.

Cairngorm Mountain Ski Centre has recorded gusts of 120mph at the top of Cairn Gorm; it reached 144mph during Storm Gertrude.

Take a look:

My favorite line from a comments section about Storm Henry comes from, I'm guessing, your typical unflappable Scotsman:

"Fancy getting all excited about a wee breeze!"