Depending on where you live, or where you were yesterday evening, you got to experience 10-15 minutes of some rather intense hail. My on-air partner, Joe Dredge, and his sister got the complete "I hope my windshield doesn't shatter" treatment, complete with dents on the car.

Speaking of Joe Dredge, he's got post up on our website with details on what to do if you experienced similar damage. Click here for the information.

Reports from around the area described yesterday's hail as being pea-sized, marble-sized, and in several cases, golf ball-sized. Our friend Ken Decoster, director of Rockford Crimestoppers tweeted this in the aftermath:

Here's a tweet from the National Weather Service:

Here in Rockford, YouTuber Weatherman Will posted this:

Here's one from Storm Chasing Video:

As bad as yesterday's hailstorm was, at least local TV here isn't running stories like this one from almost 3 years ago in Iowa:

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