Storm Dumps Four Inches of Hail on South Dakota [PICTURES]
Sure we've had some weird weather around here recently, but it's nothing compared to the incredible storm that ripped through South Dakota this week.
According to the Rapid City Journal, a brief but intense hailstorm on Tuesday night dropped as much as 4 inches of pellets on along a highway…
Watch A Windshield Get Shattered By Softball-Sized Hail [VIDEO]
We recently have had our share of severe weather in the Stateline area. And in this day and age nearly all of it was documented from virtually every angle.
Down in Texas, where these type of storms are a bit more common, two storm chasers got a little more than they bargained for on Sunday near Steph…
Mother Nature Turns Pool into a Jacuzzi
So, how do you convert your backyard swimming pool into a bubbly, swirling, jacuzzi-like experience? You let mother nature do it!
Just a reminder, springtime weather can be crazy and/or scary at times. We keep you updated throughout the day on the latest weather conditions with Eyewitness News Chief …