With all the heavy news in the world right now, sometimes you need something like this. It's an innocent moment where an Illinois dog created his own impromptu song with his squeeze toy.

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This fun pet moment happened recently in Lakemoor, Illinois. The owner said this about what was captured on their phone camera:

My dog singing the blues in my home.

He's not wrong. It's a dog and a squeeze toy and some howling. That's about it.

Growing up, my family had a toy terrier who would do something similar to this. It's not a very complicated science. Any high-pitched sound would hurt her ears making it seem like she was "singing". Fun moments when people would visit our family and see our dog perform, but probably not great for the dog truth be known.

Dogster breaks this down into a bit of science. It says that some dogs do sing (howl) if they're lonely or worried. They say it could also be a sign that the pooch isn't feeling well. In the case of this Lakemoor dog, doesn't appear to be a problem. Just a high-pitched squeeze toy and some nonsense video to get our minds off the harsher realities in the world right now.

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