If there ever was a moment of "don't try this at home, kids", it's this. New video shows a pro water skier in Jacksonville, Illinois who just got massive air off of a jump that would make a bird envious.

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Have I mentioned this guy is a pro? He is. The description on the video share on Rumble said "Elite Waterskier Ben Leutz fly's 210 feet down the lake on a massive jump." So Ben is not just pro, but elite. I don't doubt that statement based on this.

Ben is "elite" at slalom, too. Here's proof.

I found Ben's YouTube channel and it's definitely a go-to place if you love water skiing (and flying). He recently shared what he refers to as the Midwest Airforce. Gravity appears optional for Ben and his friends. Couple hundred feet of air appears to be no big deal for them.

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