This was one of those moments where it wasn't the time of year for a snowfall, but the weather in Illinois said "Hold my beer". A farmer in Illinois shared video of his harvest of soybeans during a snowstorm.

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Tony Dickson just shared this video on YouTube via Storyful with this backstory of what happened:

A farmer was “shocked” to see snow fall during an evening harvest in Tuscola, Illinois, on October 17, as the National Weather Service issued a freeze warning, cautioning that the drop in temperatures will likely be the end to the growing season. Video taken by farmhand Tony Dickson shows snow fall as he drove a combine harvesting soybeans at Gen 4 Farms on Monday evening. Dickson told Storyful he was “shocked” to see snow so early in the year.

For those of us that have lived in this part of America, this really isn't all that surprising.

As we shared a few days ago, the day for the first measurable snowfall in Illinois varies from year to year, but generally happens sometime between mid-November and early December. This snow didn't really amount to anything as far as snow that remains on the ground, but still made for a moderately challenging harvest visibility for this Illinois farmer.

It's another example of weather in Illinois living up to its reputation.

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