The word "hero" gets tossed around a lot these days. Sometimes, the description is a bit of a stretch, but other times, like this one--it totally fits.

Calling motorist Randy Tompkins a hero is no stretch at all, especially when you can see for yourself what he did a few days ago in Dixon.

An Illinois good Samaritan risked his life on Friady to jump into a moving car and save another driver who was suffering a seizure on the road.
Dashcam footage from the Dixon Police department shows the moment a car runs a red light at a low speed, going into incoming traffic.
As the car continues to veer, another man, Randy Tompkins, somehow realizes the driver is suffering a seizure at the wheel. He quickly slows down and pulls his pickup truck to the side of the road.
Tompkins then jumps out of his own car and dives through the open passengers side window and is able to put the car in park.
Though police were trailing the out of control car, they did not realize what was happening soon enough to stop and help the driver.

Take a look:

And the follow-up explanation:

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