The word to describe the person responsible for what happened in Dixon, Illinois this week is "monster."

There is detailed information as far as what was being celebrated at Dixon (Illinois) Police Department. Was it a birthday, retirement, a promotion, a "good-bye", etc.? All I know is if this happened at the office I worked at two things would happen.

  1. We would collectively find out who it was.
  2. They would never live it down and be ridiculed unmercifully.'

If we were able to find out who did it, which I'm 100% confident would happen, there is no doubt Dixon Police will have the case solved by the time I'm done writing this article.

Credit: Jacob Thomas, Unsplash
Credit: Jacob Thomas, Unsplash

It does not matter what the celebration for, what happened to some dessert ready for others to enjoy is despicable.

If there is not already some city ordinance against such act there should be. In fact, if you know the mayor of Dixon you should send this to him so we can go ahead and get the ball rolling.

The guilty party should be made to hold a sign on the Galena Bridge confessing to this heinous a mouse costume!

Remember that phrase "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye?" Well, it's all fun and games until someone decides they want a piece of the dessert and then messes it up for everyone after her or she.

Let's be honest, only an animal is responsible for this so it must be a man. Who else would cut into a cake like this?

Credit: Dixon, Illinois Police Department, Facebook
Credit: Dixon, Illinois Police Department, Facebook

Now, I truly understand the deliciousness of a piece of cake from the middle of the pan but come on. Whoever did this should feel ashamed.

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