Walmart recently released their list of the best-selling items of 2017, and it's somewhat enlightening to see what the most popular items are state-by-state. 

Take Illinois, for instance. What do we of the Prairie State grab off Walmart's shelves more than any other item?

Um, Alex...I'm going to go with "What are erasers?"

That's correct! We Illinoisans just love our erasers, apparently. And, why not?

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As for the rest of the Midwest, here's what they're bringing home from Walmarts in our surrounding states:

  • Wisconsin: Green Bay Packers bath mats
  • Iowa: Water Softener salt crystals
  • Indiana: Instant Coffee
  • Kentucky: 4 by 6 Photo Prints
  • Missouri: Life Savers Candy
  • Michigan: Lavender-Scented Cleaning Products
  • Minnesota: Flaming Hot Cheetos

Here are some of the more unusual items, along with the states that love them:

  • California: Protein Powder
  • Colorado: Peanut M & Ms
  • Florida: Sparkling Cider
  • Hawaii: Barbie Farmer Doll
  • Louisiana: Root Beer Extract
  • Nebraska: Pressed Make-up Powder
  • New Hampshire: Cinnamon Flavored toothpaste
  • North Dakota: Watermelon Flavored gum

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