On Sunday, Pritzker said that simply keeping your distance, 6 feet away from anyone else, may not be enough to protect you and your family.

Like everyone else, you've got to eat, right? So, you head for the store, put on your mask, carefully maintain social distancing, do your shopping, cover your hands with sanitizing gel when you get in the car, then wash thoroughly when you get home.

Okay, fine. But, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker says that may just not be enough. Are you wiping down each individual item when you get home? Pritzker says you should be.

"They absolutely should wipe down everything bought at stores, I would suggest to everybody. everything really need to be wiped down. And whatever you were carrying groceries in needs to be thrown away or if it can be wiped down, great," said the Governor.

Grocery stores have also implemented stringent standards for employees, providing shields, and PPE. Walmart now requiring their employees to wear masks starting today.

Here are a couple of takes on sanitizing your groceries:


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