If someone had said that they'd give me a million dollars if I could tell them what the number-one best selling item is at Illinois Walmart stores--they'd be keeping their money. Seriously, I wouldn't have guessed this in 6 months of trying.

According to a piece in Business Insider, the best-selling item for Illinois' Walmart stores is..."Puzzle Sort & Go." For those who haven't recently run to their favorite Walmart to buy it, Puzzle Sort & Go is "6 plastic stackable storage trays" that are perfect for sorting and storing your puzzle pieces. That's it. Some trays to throw puzzle pieces in.

I know that things are tough here in the Land of Lincoln, but that's the best we can do?

Before any Wisconsinites start giggling at us "FIBS," the Dairy State's bestselling Walmart item is something called "Shopkins." As near as I can figure, they're little figurines that love to shop, and have lots and lots of accessories for parents to step on in the middle of the night.

At least the Iowans are sensible. Their best selling item is something called "diapers."

What are they grabbing up in Indiana? Hand sanitizer. Germ-X, to be precise. You can feel confident that you won't catch an infectious disease from a Des Moines handshake.

Michigan Walmart shoppers have made life jackets their Walmart's best seller. I don't get it either.

In Missouri, they like a good, disposable adult washcloth. No handshakes for them.

And in Minnesota, the best-seller at Walmart stores is folding chairs, preferably in a camouflage print.

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