If you haven't heard, Stroll on State will return in 2020. 

It definitely will feel different with whatever social distancing guidelines will be in place, but it will look just as beautiful as it always does.

Santa's Workshop (aka decorating volunteers) will open this Saturday and anyone is welcome to stop by.

There will be two decorating sessions each week. Tuesdays from 6-9P and Saturdays from 8-Noon. Everyone's temperature will be checked and masks will be worn at all times. Santa's Workshop is located at 310 Winnebago Street and no registration is needed.

I personally asked if they wanted any help from people who know nothing about decorating and I was assured that all hands will be equally appreciated and utilized so don't let your 2 left thumbs keep you away.

More information on Stroll on State and Santa's Workshop can be found here. 


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