Following a big policy change at Verizon Wireless, many current customers (this one included!) were unclear on what the adjustments meant for them. Well, the company is has written a new blog post that tries to explain the details.

First, in case you didn't hear, the nation’s largest wireless provider is doing away with contracts, allowing users to drop the service at any time. At the same time, the company also is eliminating subsidies for the purchase of phones that came along with the contract. This means customers joining Verizon will have to pay the full cost of their smartphone.

Now, Verizon officials make it clear that current customers don't have to make any kind of adjustment to their contracts:

Verizon says that these customers will still be able to renew their contracts and buy phones at subsidized prices. This means, for instance, that when a new iPhone comes out next month, Verizon customers who are eligible for a renewal will be able to buy it for $200.

It's possible that Verizon will stop offering certain smartphones as part of its subsidy scheme in the future, therefore encouraging people to move over to its new off-contract plans,but it doesn't sound like that's happening for now. 

So what it all means is existing contract customers can carry on for as long as they like with their 2-year contracts, receiving discounted new phones along the way. However, if they want to change something/anything with their plan, they'll likely be forced onto the new month-to-month agreements and lose any future subsidies.

Verizon says, "The choice is yours!"


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