If you haven't checked this out, put it on your to-do list ASAP!

USA Today recently showcased 20 of the best art exhibits across the country. Wouldn't you know it but right in the middle of the list is Bruce Munroe's exhibit that's currently on displat at Nicholas Conservatory.

USAToday - British artist Bruce Munroe's newest large-scale garden exhibition at Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens in Rockford, Ill. uses 110,000 meters of colorful fiber optic cables to create an otherworldly experience using light.

USA Today nailed this choice. If you haven't seen it there really are no words to describe it. While the pictures of it are nice, you can't really understand how cool it is until you are in the middle of it.

If this is still on your to-do list, don't be embarrassed, there's so much to do in town that some things can fall through the cracks. You will want to plan your trip soon, however, the exhibit will be taken down November 5.

The best part about the whole thing? It's totally free. Get out there and enjoy Rockford.

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