That campfire-ish scent that was wafting through the stateline last week has been chalked up to Canadian wildfires, and now another side-effect of those wildfires, this time visual, is here in the form of really cool, colorful sunsets.

I smelled that smoky smell and even noticed some uncharacteristic haze around the Rockford area last week, but it took Candice King's tweet to put it together:

Those Canadian wildfires are really causing quite a problem. Blazes are burning in parts of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan, more than 10,000 people have been forced from their homes, and the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, which co-ordinates firefighting services for the provinces and territories, said more help from the U.S. and abroad could be necessary.

Alberta said Wednesday it was bringing in 62 firefighters from Mexico to help battle 92 wildfires burning in the province, including 33 listed as out of control. British Columbia, with more than 180 fires, was bringing in crews from Australia.

A couple of shots from my backyard taken by my wife and son, who bickered over who took the better shot, then demanded that I publish both of their photos. It's not easy being me.

Spencer/Amy Jacobsen, Townsquare Media
Amy/Spencer Jacobsen, Townsquare Media

Here's one from the Pacific Northwest:

And from Canada: