What better way to experience the crown jewel (in my opinion) of Chicago's museum campus than to do it for free?

NBCChicago - Beginning on Wednesday September 6, any Illinois resident with a valid ID will receive free admission to the museum. The admission includes all permanent exhibits in the museum, and the Stingray Touch exhibit.

Normally with "too good to be true" type deals there's some fine print to get through before you can actually enjoy it. I couldn't really find any with this. The only things I could find was that you will have to pay extra if you want to see the temporary amphibian exhibit they have right now. The other thing was that there is a $3 charge for ordering tickets online. That's it.

The only other drawback will probably be the crowds. They will be pretty big and the museum actually advises to pick up your tickets online to make sure they're not sold out when you get there.

My advice. avoid the weekend. Call off sick some Monday and go explore Chicago with a free trip to Shedd. If you've been there you know how cool it is. If it's your first time, I'm honestly jealous that you get to experience for the first time. It's just that cool.

For tickets and any more information, head over to their website.

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