If you're looking to pad your holiday income this year, UPS has some good news for those in the Rockford area: they're hiring!

This holiday season, UPS is gearing up to deliver nearly 630 million packages. As you might imagine, they need enough people to get those packages where they need to go. Nationally, UPS is planning on hiring 90,000 to 95,000 people to help in that effort. Here in the Rockford area, UPS is looking to add nearly 450 seasonal positions, including driver-helpers and package handlers.

According to a press release from UPS,

One of the largest needs this time of year is driver helpers – seasonal employees who ride with UPS’s brown-clad drivers to help deliver the deluge of holiday packages. While many helpers will join UPS for the first time this holiday season, some have been doing this for years.

If you think this might be just the thing for you, more information and an online application are available at www.upsjobs.com.

Or, if you're just looking for some extra cash, here's your opportunity to win!

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