You know, just in case you forgot to do your laundry?

Sure Valentine's Day is supposed to be the most romantic night of the year, but it's not like it's a surprise when it happens... why would you need rush delivered lingerie?

Mandy James and I just discussed the reasons why you might need to order Uber undies:

  1. You forgot it was Valentine's Day, which is almost impossible.
  2. You forgot to do your laundry, which is highly likely.
  3. You no longer fit in your cute bra, also very possible.
  4. You decided, what the hell, I'm going out on the town this Valentine's Day and finding me a man, on a Sunday night? Less possible...
  5. You are a man and want to show your love for your woman by ordering delivered underwear...

But, in all seriousness, people like to be funny, so I have a feeling a lot of Uber undies are going to be delivered in Manhattan this weekend.

Unfortunately those of us in Rockford won't be able to have Uber drive over some underwear, but the company that is providing the Uber undies, Naja, is doing a free delivery special in-conjunction with this offer so you can get it delivered to your door in a brown box, instead of an Escalade.

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