First off, congratulations to the happy couple. 

I don't know how plugged into social media Mitch Trubisky is, but if he's been paying attention to what people have been saying about him, this is probably a nice little get away.

I wonder if Matt Nagy will be at the wedding. I don't think they like each other very much. Actually, I should say that I don't think Matt Nagy likes Mitch Trubisky very much. I honestly think Mitch likes everyone. He's just one of those guys. We all have one of those at work. The dude that just gets along with everyone because they're so nice. That's Mitch. Good quarterback? I honestly don't know. Great guy? Absolutely.

His new fiancee, Hillary Gallagher, is a recent graduate of Florida State University and according to her Instagram account is a private pilates instructor.

Good luck to the happy couple wherever they may land.

As I mentioned in the headline, Trubisky proposed on the 35th anniversary of the Bears winning Super Bowl XX over the Patriots in 1986. He hasn't said it was in honor of Walter and the boys but real Bear fans can connect the dots.

Congratulations to Bear fans 45 years and older for actually having a fond memory of a Bears game. That must be nice. My fondest Bear memories are when Mike Brown returned an interception for a TD against the 49ers during the improbable 2001 season and Devin Hester returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown against the Colts in the Super Bowl. Fun times indeed, but those that remember, have the best memory and it didn't even happen on the field.


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