With two children under the age of two at home, I already have been looking into the future at a day when two college educations will need to be financed. It's a frightening proposition!


Taking a look at this new list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Schools In Illinois does not make things any easier to digest. My school, North Central College, is nowhere to be found. I suppose some kudos can be thrown in their direction for keeping costs in check. Before settling on NCC, also I considered the #10 and #4 schools on the list.

Niche.com ranked more than 1,000 colleges in the U.S. to find out which ones are really the most expensive after scholarships and financial aid were factored into the calculations. The prices were averaged out across all students at a school after analyzing tuition costs against how much scholarship money the school usually makes available and how much federal financial aid students who go to that school usually apply for.

Drumrol, please, for the top (or bottom) ten:

10. Bradley University — $24,155

9. Wheaton College–$24,623

8. Columbia College Chicago $26,414

7. DePaul University–$27,561

6. Roosevelt University $27,723

5. Illinois Wesleyan University–$28,434

4. Northwestern University–$28,868

3. Loyola University Chicago–$29,671

2. University of Chicago–$31,917

1. School of the Art Institute of Chicago–$44,838

The analysts also found that Illinois is home to the number-one most expensive school in the country when factoring in scholarships and financial aid. That would be the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

See parents -- things probably could be worse when it comes to college costs.

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